A Change in Name Only

By September 1, 2017AVAC Ltd., General

You may have noticed some changes in our branding.

In 2015, AVAC Ltd. launched Verdex Capital to be the brand for our Ag Tech-specific investments. Although the name was different, the team stayed the same. During this time with Verdex Capital as our Ag Tech investing arm, we were able to make great connections across Canada as well as internationally, through our  contributions to the Finistere Ventures (FVII) Fund.

However, to our core base, we have always been known as AVAC Ltd. For over 20 years AVAC Ltd. has invested in early-stage innovative business opportunities in our home province of Alberta. We have built a reputation around our ability to provide both capital and other value-added services to successfully grow commercial businesses.

Because of this, we have decided to bring all of our activities back under the AVAC Ltd. brand. Moving forward, our current investments, as well as our Ag Tech pursuits, will continue to be directed by AVAC. We are the same team, just with a new (old) name.

Stay tuned as we continue to look for game-changing Ag Tech innovation in Canada.

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