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A Change in Name Only

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You may have noticed some changes in our branding.

In 2015, AVAC Ltd. launched Verdex Capital to be the brand for our Ag Tech-specific investments. Although the name was different, the team stayed the same. During this time with Verdex Capital as our Ag Tech investing arm, we were able to make great connections across Canada as well as internationally, through our  contributions to the Finistere Ventures (FVII) Fund.

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Ag Tech Update – November 2016

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Now that the year is almost over, it has become apparent that VC investment in Ag Tech, although still relatively high, will not match the total investment from last year. However, Ag Tech and its investors are still pushing the envelope in other ways. Here are some of the newsmakers from the month of November.

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genome editing

The Potential of Genome Editing

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By Ingrid Fung, Associate, Agriculture Technologies

Over the last few years the potential of genome editing has captured the imaginations of the popular media, attracted hundreds of millions in investment, and set the scientific community a blaze with activity. The approach enables researchers to make precise changes to the DNA within a cell, effectively changing genetic programming and thus the function of the genes and proteins encoded, without inserting any external genetic material. Read More

In the News: On Pasture, September 12, 2016

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On Pasture, an online magazine which shares research and experience for best practices with ranchers, has re-published Senior Investment Manager Dr. Jim Hardin’s article on weight promotion for livestock that does not use antibiotics.

Check out the article entitled “Weight Promoting Alternative to Antibiotics a Much-Needed Solution for Meat Producers” on the On Pasture website. The original post can be found here on the Verdex Capital blog.

Thank you On Pasture for sharing Dr. Jim Hardin’s article with your readers.

Our Ag Tech Future: Crop Protection

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After showcasing our Ag Tech Legacy with our portfolio company posts, our new blog series features our Ag Tech Future and showcases our focus areas at Verdex Capital.

At any point during the season, farmers often have to protect their crops from a long list of possible stresses: among them drought, insects/pests, severe weather, and disease. In order to maximize crop yields, over the last several decades farmers have resorted to using harsh chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.

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In the News: VC Journal, September 2016

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Investors are keen on Ag Tech, as evidenced by the unprecedented figures seen last year. Much of that interest has been in the application of Big Data in Ag Tech. Our Associate Ingrid Fung was interviewed by Venture Capital Journal on this trend.

The full story, titled “Investors bet on big data blossoming in agritech,” can be found in the September issue of VCJ, and on the VCJ website.

Thank you to VC Journal, Alastair Goldfisher, and Jenna Broughton for including us in your story.