AVAC Ltd. is a Canadian venture investor with over 20 years of experience in financing early-stage innovative business opportunities and providing both capital and other value-added services to grow commercial business successes, focussed strongly toward agriculture and food. With a track record and deep understanding of investment opportunities that exist in the multidisciplinary technologies that are applicable to agriculture and food today, we know how to identify and build value based on true game changers.

Our mandate is to help bridge the critical investment gap that exists between innovative ideas and commercial business success. Our company is driven to deliver superior returns for our investors through a careful process involving sourcing exceptional deal flow, considered due diligence and investment terms, bringing unique resources to build outstanding companies, and maximizing exit values.

AVAC Ltd. has partnered with Finistere Ventures – a top-tier US ag tech investor – to assist with the Finistere Ventures II Fund, to identify and invest in Canadian deal flow and to further advance the commercialization of its companies.

We also manage an early-stage venture capital fund-of-funds investment pool, and Accelerate Fund I, an angel co-investment fund.

AVAC Ltd. was created over 20 years ago to stimulate and enhance the development capacity of the agribusiness and to facilitate the commercialization of innovative products and services. Our early funding came from both Government, to oversee investments in innovation and advanced education, and from private equity.

Today, we focus our direct investment efforts in early-stage value-added agribusiness companies and agriculture technology and our Fund-of-Funds portfolio.

Since inception, we have been a direct investor in more than 115 early-stage commercial businesses, over 50 agricultural research projects and programs, and an indirect investor (Limited Partner) in five venture capital funds.